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Optimal Assortment

Find the right mix of products to accelerate growth, please shoppers, and offer high-demand products

Industry Types


Complete solution from catalog integrity and assortment to seller onboarding and more


Access real-time visibility into market share down to SKU-level and build a strong reputation

Why Clusterfor Optimal Assortment?

Full Visibility

With over 1 billion products in the catalog, in multiple channels tracked including Amazon, eBay, and, marketplaces and brands can look across the full eCommerce landscape to see what opportunities may be missing.

Boost Sales

Present the most relevant and high-demand items to shoppers, with the most robust product data to quickly convert more sales at scale.

Identify Gaps

Retrieve the best-selling products or categories you may be missing from your marketplace from the most reputable sellers, and onboard them seamlessly all in one solution.  

Build Reputation

Accelerate sustainable growth by pleasing shoppers with trending and best-selling products from reputable sellers, with complete product information, and keep them coming back time and time again.

Best Practices for Optimal Assortment

Technical Overview

Product Collection API

to retrieve a list of items for the chosen category / brand

Product Analysis API

to identify the products in all markets and retrieve GTIN

Product Listings API

to get the full list of products available by the seller

Seller Intelligence API

to retrieve seller contact details (coming soon, current report is delivered via CSV).


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