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The Complete Guideto Marketplace Success

How marketplaces maximize eCommerce data to get it right

It’s no secret marketplaces have made an impression in the eCommerce world after the onset of COVID-19, but the growth of online sales slowed in 2021 as many vaccinated consumers (and those tired of staying at home) returned to stores. That being said, the success and growth of these online shops doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Consider this:

The Complete Guide to Marketplace Success - White Paper by Cluster - datacluster.com

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Marketplaces by the Numbers

Challenges to Online Marketplace Success

Identifying Assortment Gaps for Growing Demands

How to Address Those Challenges

Consider an API-First Solution

Bringing it All Together

The increase in popularity means that marketplaces need to provide shoppers with the best customer experience, starting by building a complete and accurate eCommerce data catalog, to avoid the chain reaction of issues that occur from inputting bad data.
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