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Taxonomy Mapping

Build and enhance product data efficiently to understand insights from channel to channel

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Complete solution from catalog integrity and assortment to seller onboarding and more

Why Clusterfor Taxonomy Mapping?

Boost UX

A well-organized and categorized eCommerce marketplace with strong taxonomy offers a better user experience and journey for shoppers.

Easy Translation

Because Cluster has an extensive taxonomy, it can easily translate to other marketplace taxonomies.

Identify Trends

Cluster taxonomy is based on data coming directly from the world’s largest marketplaces, so it is the most extensive and consistently tracks added/removed categories.

Structured and Unstructured Data

Seller Onboarding

Help ease seller onboarding because the product data is categorized and can be auto-filled during onboarding. Cluster has over 90% of the EANs/GTINs for products that have categories.

Best Practices for Taxonomy Mapping

Technical Overview

Product Details API

to run identifiers (GTIN, ASIN, etc.)


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