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Access real-time visibility into market share down to SKU-level and build a strong reputation. Cluster capabilities and use cases for brands are also effective for adjacent enterprises including consumer packaged goods (CPG) and agencies.

Cluster reliable eCommerce data addresses:



Category / Brand Analysis​

Category / Brand Analysis

Pull a complete list of items for a chosen category or brand to track share or product mix

Price Benchmarking
& Analytics

Track pricing and promotions across sales channels to present high-demand and relevant items

Demand Benchmarking
& Analytics

Understand if a product is in high demand given its category and see how or why your share is shifting

Seller Store Analysis

Retrieve full seller storefront listings with deep granularity (item-level attributes) in real time

Product Performance

Gain an accurate, real-time multichannel overview of product trends and market needs

Use Cases

Payment &  
Fraud Protection

Ensure your products are only carried by reputable 3P sellers. Identify and mitigate fraud and price anomalies

Market Share Benchmarking

Understand how categories are shifting over time, find out who is taking market share, and learn why it is happening

Brand Visibility

Discover real-time monitoring of rank changes and make adjustments to optimize your products for increased traffic

Optimal Assortment

Find the right mix of products
to accelerate growth,
please shoppers, and offer high-demand products

Seller Intelligence

Find, contact and convert the right sellers for your marketplace with a compelling reason, all in one stop

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