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Product Data Enhancement


Make Sure Your Products Can Be Identified Every Time

Marketplace shoppers will not buy a product if they do not find detailed product information (46% in the US alone according to Salsify). And, as sellers enter product information lacking key details (like GTIN or brand) marketplaces either cannot identify the item, or it publishes with very limited or incorrect information. Bottom line, if you can’t identify the product, you can’t:

With Cluster, marketplaces can take back control of their catalogs by leveraging the industry’s largest structured and unstructured data catalog, in order to enhance product listings with more attributes and robust data.

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Complete solution from catalog integrity and assortment to seller onboarding and more

Why Clusterfor Product Data Enhancement?

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Comprehensive Catalog

GTIN Coverage

Through a partnership with GS1, Cluster is able to identify and validate GTINs, as well as assign recommended GTINs based on a probability score, by using keywords or product descriptions.

Structured and Unstructured Data

Cluster Taxonomy

Best Practices for Product Data Enhancement

Technical Overview

Product Details API

to run identifiers (GTIN, ASIN, etc.)


Product attributes are specific product characteristics that define a particular product or group of products. These attributes detail what makes a product unique and point to the value of the product such as height, weight, material, smell, quantity, or color.

Product attributes include related Cluster IDs or AIDs (parent/child), Brand, Model, Color, Dimensions, MSRP, Taxonomy, and Validated Attributes that are relevant to products searched.

Google Cloud released Retail Search, a search engine for websites and marketplaces that uses Google’s search capabilities to help online retailers improve onsite searches as well as the shopping experiences of their customers. This means that sellers can provide Google-quality search and recommendations on your marketplace helping to increase conversion rates, reduce search abandonment, and boost revenue. Adding structured product data, any type of data that has predefined attributes, to the retailers’ inventories would make this tool even better.

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