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eCommerce Performance Report help We support 17 channels of eCommerce data, including Amazon US, UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, AU, MX and CA; eBay US, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, AU; and Walmart US. However, the data presented in this eCommerce performance report is only Amazon US.

Top {{ brands.length }} Brands Ranked By eCommerce Sales

Explore a ranking of the top {{ brands.length }} brands based on revenues from eCommerce sales data. The sales report granular visibility comes from a robust catalog of over 1 billion products analyzed, over 23 million brands analyzed and over 80,000 digital POS data providers. The data presented here is Amazon US.

Rank The relative position of the brand within a list of top-performing brands selected by Cluster, sorted by their total GMV Change Brand rank absolute change compared to the previous month Brand Main Category The main category the brand competes in, based on Cluster taxonomy Growth Brand GMV growth in % compared to previous month Total GMV This month's brand GMV for the channel selected. Based on real ePOS data
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