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Best Practices in Seller Intelligence

It is recommended to first conduct category or brand research and perform an assortment gap analysis. Once the missing category or brands are identified, users can identify the best sellers for the items needed, analyze the seller performance and finally retrieve seller contact details. Once the seller is contacted and converted, Cluster then has the data to show all the products that merchant sells to seamlessly onboard full product details (see suggested seller intelligence flow image).

Technical Overview

Product Collection API

To retrieve a list of items for the chosen category / brand

Store Listings API

To retrieve all listings within a seller’s store given the seller ID

Seller Intelligence API

Coming soon (current seller intelligence is delivered via CSV).


Cluster taps into the largest product catalog to make recommendations on finding power sellers including sellers with the best ratings, stores across multiple channels (and locales coming soon), and higher GMV for example. However, as part of the process, Cluster will evaluate your search criteria to determine the characteristics of the sellers you find most valuable today. For example, an evaluation can include the ideal category mix, SKU counts, sales velocities, GMV, and channel/country/seller store expansion opportunities.

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