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About Us

We AreCluster

Cluster is on a mission to help businesses operating in the eCommerce space take advantage of digital point-of-sale and normalized catalog data for success. While organizations today rely on several internal and external data sources to run their businesses, our proprietary technology is able to merge and enhance the data, giving enterprises the ability to operate from a single version of the truth. Already serving more than 60% of the top US marketplaces, eCommerce is not slowing down – and neither are we.

Our Vision

To Bring Together
The Complete
eCommerce Story
Through Data

Trusted by the biggest brands and marketplaces

What Matters To Us



Keeping the company as a whole in mind: when the team wins, we all win



Focus on shared goal to accomplish what can be done together vs. individually



Always assume positivity, support and good intent from teammates


Actively listen to others who may think differently without judgment



Relentless desire to always improve, raising the bar on talent



The ability to communicate openly with integrity, and without fear


We're Growing Fast!Join Us

Cluster is a fast-growing team of innovative, smart people, and we’re always looking to make a bigger impact to the eCommerce intelligence market. Be a part of our exciting journey!

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giving back


Teamwork and being mission-driven are important values at Cluster. That is why we are helping to support universities, founders, entrepreneurs and innovators, through what we do best – offering access to critical data for their continued success. Contact us to learn more about this initiative and how you can help pay it forward.