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Seller Store Analysis

Retrieve full seller storefront listings with deep granularity (item-level attributes) in real time

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Complete solution from catalog integrity and assortment to seller onboarding and more


Access real-time visibility into market share down to SKU-level and build a strong reputation

Why Clusterfor Seller Store Analysis?

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Deep Granularity

Easier Onboarding

Best Practices for Seller Store Analysis

This requires the unique identifier of the seller. A seller ID (or sometimes called merchant ID) is a publicly available ID number that identifies a storefront and the products sold on Amazon and is unique to the region. This can be sourced from the Amazon webpage as a string of numbers usually found in the products or storefront URL. (The Seller ID appears as “me=[your ID]”.) Alternatively, the seller ID can be sourced by using the Buy Box Owners API.​

Technical Overview

Store Listings API

to retrieve seller storefront listings

Buy Box Owners API

to retrieve seller ID if needed


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