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Cluster + Mirakl

The Content Wizard for eCommerce Marketplaces

Effortlessly create or enhance product listings to speed product creation.

Add missing attributes to invalid items across your catalog and enhance your competitiveness with up-to-date pricing information.

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Eliminate the problem of
‘Invalid’ products

In many marketplaces, over 50% of product listings are unsellable or ‘invalid’ due to incomplete or missing information. In fact many items remain unsellable despite missing only a single required attribute.

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to

Cluster leverages our expansive catalog data, Mirakl APIs and AI to map our attributes to your unique taxonomy. Just let us know where to start.

Here's how it works

Choose Catalog Scope

Enhance the entire catalog or just your invalid items

Select Attributes

Choose the attributes to add to your marketplace

AI Taxonomy Mapping

Cluster maps our data to your unique taxonomy

Sell More

Watch as your catalog is enhanced & your sales grow!

Skyrocket Your Discoverability

Ensure your products are selling and not just listed! Enhancing your listings with critical attributes can increase discoverability online by over 2X!

Start driving new sales instantly with

Join the ranks of thriving marketplaces and sellers who have transformed their businesses using Cluster’s cutting-edge AI technology.


Invalid products validated


Incremental Monthly Revenue

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