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How to Upscale Your Online Catalog

How to Upscale Your Online Catalog

If you were running a brick-and-mortar store, you would naturally set out the physical merchandise based on categories in order to facilitate easy browsing and shopping. The same principle applies to online catalogs – products must be placed in easily found sections based on logical categories and sub-categories.

While the division according to well-planned categories is crucial, there are additional ways you can upgrade your catalog for potential buyers.

Our 5 Tips to Upscale Your Online Catalog

1. Apply upselling and cross-selling strategies

By using upselling and cross-selling strategies you can prevent customers from slipping through your fingers. On your product pages, offer items on a “You May Also Like” list that are similar to or complement the product they are seeking. Enrich your website’s search features by offering additional suggestions when the customer begins typing a product. Incorporate synonyms and even misspells so that there is a fuller offering of your products. When a browser types in a general topic such as “shoes,” facilitate their search by sending them to the main category page rather than a long list of products.

2. Offer a compare-and-contrast feature to your product catalog 

One of your enterprise’s main advantages is that you present a wide range of products at a single location. By offering a side-by-side comparison of several items, you are giving customers the ability to make an informed decision regarding which is most suitable and affordable. Aside from boosting sales, this kind of display also generates trust and a belief that you really want what is best for your buyer.  

3. Use an AI-based catalog management platform

In order to ensure an enjoyable and fruitful purchasing experience, your catalog must be up-to-date at all times. New products are constantly being added while others are out of stock – it is virtually impossible to keep up with these fluctuations manually. An AI-based catalog management platform automatically updates inventory and provides uniform specific product descriptions for new products in real time. Your customers are constantly being offered new products and never need to encounter a frustrating “out-of-stock” notice.

4. Publish your catalog on additional channels

Let’s say you have set up a highly attractive, well-organized online catalog. But how are you going to spread the word? An effective way to get the news out is to share your online catalog on social media, where fans can like and share it with their peers. In order to generate interaction between your brand and users on social media, respond to comments and engage with potential buyers. Connect with leads by making special customized offers based on social media feedback.  

5. Analyze your catalog’s performance

Regularly run ads about your catalog, and check the level of response. If interest is sluggish, it means you are not reaching your target audience and adjustment is needed. Using accumulated data, you can track performances. Analyze how customers are engaging with your catalog. Which categories are stronger and why? What steps should you take to better engage with your target audience? Actionable data can help you make the changes you need to boost sales and upgrade performance.

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